Currently I am in the processes of creating my final designs of my characters for my story as well as writing the script for the first issues in my comic.

So Far I have created something sort of like a pilot, with just rough styles and character concepts that I hope to shape into stronger images and ideas as the story progresses.

Hello my name is Alex and I am a comic illustrator.

Basically Illustrations to do with comics, video games and even fan art are at the top of my lists of interests.

With  this course I plan to develop not only my skills making comics but the process of developing ideas and concepts.

I am pretty excited to be doing this course. Apart from the free studio space I am most looking forward to developing ideas I’ve had for comics for years. And now I can put these characters and their worlds into practice.

What I will be working on mainly is a comic based of the concept I had for a persona. The story is based around A boy named Pete who comes across and pendant which houses a being of light, and Aura called Orion.

and from there the two explore the history and deep road relationship between the physical world and the Aura’s home world.

My hopes for this comics is that it will eventually, with tons and tons of nurturing. will one day become a published comic.

During the time I work on this Idea I will also work on a number of other smaller comic strips to build up and develop my skill.


End of Semester

The end of the first semester has finally come and I have to say that I will be looking forward to the break, however I will still be working hard on my comic project.

This semester had its ups and downs but I generally enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed having my own space, I’ve enjoyed the work I have done with my project and the assessments I have done in other subjects.

Overall, I have enjoyed the first semester and I am looking forward to the next semester.