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Hello, my name is Bill Bailey and I am here to give you some guidance and advice about how to use and manage your page on this blog. For starters, you should begin by writing a bit of a spiel about yourself explaining who you are and what you like doing. Add a photo of yourself to establish a rapport with your readers. It wouldn’t hurt to also mention what motivated you to do this course.

The ‘blockquote’ below may give you some idea.

I am super-excited about being here at Melbourne Polytechnic to study in this amazing course. I plan to showcase my creative journey over the next eight months on this very page. Having just finished a Diploma in Visual Arts (Illustration Stream) in 2016 I guess I now need some space and time to put what I have learned into practice. In other words, I would like to spend this year illustrating my first comic book. To the best of my ability I will be uploading on a weekly basis.I love the fact that I get my own bit of turf (studio) where I can pretty much ‘go berserk’ with my pen and ink work in the hope of producing my ‘creative product’.

Notice the Horizontal Line above. That’s a great way to create some division between each thought or idea on your page. A horizontal line may help to divide the page into logical (easy to read) segments.

Once you have introduced yourself you should dedicate some time to explain your proposal (Creative Product / Project) for 2017. Look at this example.

My overall plan for the year is to create the art for my first ever comic book. The book will be based on an original story I wrote about five years ago. The story is set in the not-to-distance future about a young shepherdess in Nigeria who stumbles across a strange glass buckle nudged in the long grass not far from where she is grazing her goats. The girl takes the object home and during the first night strange other-worldly spirits emerge from the buckle in a mist and haze. The spirits take her to different trouble-spots around the world to show her horrors of humanity. The shepherdess discovers that as long as she is wearing the buckle on a belt around her waist she has super-powers that can defeat evil. At this stage I have no idea what my main character will look like or indeed how my comic book will look for that matter.

If you want you can create your own headings or graphics to insert into your page. For example you might want to use a graphic like the one below to introduce a new segment or to introduce each week.



This one is a bit fancier but takes up more room.


It’s not a bad idea during your first few weeks in the course to list your inspiration on this page. Mention people, places or things that have influenced your creative thinking. Look at the example below. Try to include images to support your written entries.

My father Bryan is one of my main sources of inspiration. he was a comic book artist himself but we’re talking ‘old school’, back in the 1940s and 50s when comics were one of the main sources of visual stimulus for young kids. My father lived and worked through the golden age of comics and I am so fortunate to have a dad who can draw and share so much history with me. Every since I was a small kid I would hang around in his studio and muck around with all sort of art materials. My father didn’t care. he was cool about it and in fact took time out to show me tricks of the trade.

This is my dad, Bryan Bailey in his Parramatta studio in 1947.


Mention all the things that led you to where you are now. Especially things that are related or relevant to your Creative Product / Project.

I spend hours and hours on the floor of my father’s studio just tinkering around and looking at the master at work. he was amazing. This was the 1960s after all. It wasn’t until I reached the tender age of 12years old in 1972 when I discovered comics for the first time. I used to jump on my Malvern Star dragstar pushbike and ride around  the local suburbs visiting the odd comic book store or newsagent to see if my favourite comic books had arrived. My mates and I would sit around all afternoon and just ogle over the front cover art and be entertained for hours by the comic book panels inside these magical books. I guess for me anyway, that’s when the love affair start with art and drawing. I started collecting one particular type of comic produced by Warren Publications. Vampirella and then later, I got into Eerie and Creepy. I spent most weekends trying to re-create the art found in these publications and made note of great names of the genre such as Jose Gonzales and Frank Frazetta. It was a beautiful and innocent time for me.

There are many ways to insert images and graphics into your blog page.
One way is to prepare the image in Adobe PhotoShop and export it using its ‘Save for Web’ option like I did with this image of ‘Luana the Jungle Girl’ that you see below.

Luana by Frank Frazetta – Poster Art, 1968

WordPress can even allow you to create an ‘image carousel’ which is an effective way to save space. Check out this example.

Discuss your creative environment and start mapping out the year ahead. It doesn’t hurt to have a giant chart or production schedule stuck up somewhere. Even though smart-phones have calenders and apps that can map and track your week by week progress, nothing really compares to a large physical road-map on the wall.

It wasn’t until I grew up and went to college when I started to draw like a madman.It helps to have a large, ventilated and bright studio space at home too. My plan of course is to have a matching (equivalent) space on campus to match and mirror the one I have at home. I cannot wait to get going.

My Studio Space At Home

I have a pretty good home studio set-up but nothing like the space I’ve been given this year at TAFE. I must say that the staff and mentors have been fantastic and special thanks to the Mr Emmanuelle who has gone out of his way to make me feel welcome.
I can honestly say, that without him – I wouldn’t be here today.