CAMPYSA Alamanda – Deliriousink

Other than making illustration, I’ve been working on and off as a tattoo artist. Especially back when I was still living in Bali. I tried to focus my exploration lately on pointillism, both on tattooing and illustrating. Simply just so that I can feel a more focused sense of progress. Last year me and bunch of friends made a book-form Erotica zine called Penahitam Erotika; involving about 30 of selected artists (from over 300 submissions?) from Australia and Indonesia. But this year I want to focus on my own queer erotica works… I’m still unsure about the specific perspective of this project; but just like my project last year, I want to use the project to promote advocation for Indonesian LGBT who are living under the increasing oppression of Indonesia’s draconian laws. 

So every time I receive a project/commission works that I could put under this perspective, I’ll just try to make the client interested in a related concept. But of course I never forced them to when their topic/concept just have nothing to do with mine.. 😅
At the moment I’m working on an illustration for a zine sleeve for Limp Wrist’s upcoming LP. The topic is about oppressions towards queers in a non white society—so there you go. I tried to make the concept as simple as I can, considering I only have 1 month dateline, and the other picked illustrators might have already take a more obvious concepts.

artwork by @deliriousink

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