HANZL Anna (Hija-CK)

Hi, I’m Anna, although my online alias is Hija, or Hija-CK. I’m 20 years old and live in Melbourne, and am currently studying. I work freelance as a digital artist, and spend my free time sleeping, cooking and playing video games.

For my project this year, I’m going to be working on a series of digital portrait paintings celebrating racial and gender diversity. I hope to get around ten full paintings completed, which can be used as a series for exhibition, as well as a strong portfolio of work.

This page will highlight the various work I’ll be doing this year in my creative project, as well as other classwork and personal projects.



One of the first things we did when the course started was go to see David Hockney’s exhibition “Current” at the NGV. While some works (like the above) were enjoyable and somewhat aesthetically pleasing, I think most of us were a little disappointed with the quality of the work.

Except for this one, obviously. This is a masterpiece.

We also began work on a “30 drawings in 30 days project” for our drawing class. The project involved, if you can believe it, doing 30 drawings in 30 days, surrounding a central theme. I decided to do small portraits of my friends in fine liner, as it’s one of the few traditional mediums I really enjoy using.


As I don’t tend to draw every single day, this project was pretty challenging for me. I had to really push myself to provide the amount of work needed, and it usually led to a lot of late nights catching up on drawings.

The other project we began working on for both drawing and theory class was a personal art journal. I did my best to collect work and use my physical journal as a way to document what I’d been doing, but again, seeing as I don’t draw every day, it was difficult. In the end, I began a digital journal instead, which turned out a lot better. I was able to use up old sketches that would never usually see the light of day, and work a lot more naturally.

My journal slowly began to take shape, and I plan to print the images at the end of the project and put them together into a physical book.

Finally, I worked hard on my small studio space and built up a little corner with a mood board detailing my various inspirations, and helpful items and decorations across my desk.

Workin hard or hardly workin

Also a giant Nicki poster to watch over me and make sure I do my work.


At the start of March we went on an excursion to the Ian Potter Museum of Art to take a look at the various works there, namely the work of Sister Corita. As someone who isn’t generally into printed work or pop art, I was surprisingly inspired and intrigued by her work.

Here you can see the inspiration taking flight.

I also continued work on my 30 day project, and it is nearing completion. Much pain has been endured to get it done. I hope to take proper photos of each portrait once it’s complete.



We visited another gallery, this time the C3 and Tacit galleries in Collingwood.


The majority of the work was impressive! Seeing the diversity of work coming from emerging was really interesting, and there was a lot of creative and talented stuff to see… mostly.



In April, I continued work on my studio space. I added more pictures to my mood board as well as 3D items to give it more visual interest such as pom poms, small jars, keychains and fairy lights. I also stuck up some of my own work to remind me of what to keep doing. I also brought in boxes, folders and little trinkets to make the place feel more like home.


The 30 day drawing challenge was also completed (in around two days for all of them as opposed to one a day whoops), but I’m very happy with how they came out.

(These are only some of the final pieces, I photographed them all together at the Mid Way Show.)

For our drawing class, we also had the task of doing a ‘homage’ piece, in the style of an artist who inspires us and our style. I decided to work in the style of Bofeng Lin, a popular digital illustrator from Germany. I’ve been following his work for a while and love his style, both in traditional and digital mediums, so it was a lot of fun to emulate his work.


May was a fairly busy month in terms of school work and personal projects. Our journals were due for a round 2 inspection, and I had a surprisingly good time putting everything together.

That month we also got to visit the Van Gogh exhibit at the NGV. While the works were stunning and very exciting to see in person, I felt the layout was a little confusing and poorly thought out for the large crowds Van Gogh would obviously bring. Aside from that, the show was wonderful, and I think we all had a great time.

Except for the teen room… the teen room was… something else.

I also finished a tentative idea for a painting for my end of year folio. I’m not sure if I’ll use the piece or workshop it some more just yet.



During June, I worked on two ink pieces for drawing class. The brief called for two or more pieces relating to my main project, so, in keeping with my project’s theme of diversity I did two portraits of a couple of the lovely transgender guys in my life. One being my dear friend Emerson (in pink), and my partner Tobias (in blue).



The rest of the month was mostly spent working on pieces for my end of year folio as well as personal commissions. I also worked on a piece for the Overwatch one year anniversary which took up a fair amount of time.

boiz small


The first half of July was spent on break, taking care of Toby (the boy in the above drawing) who had just had surgery. Once we returned, it was all hands on deck organising the Mid Way Show. I realised pretty quickly that I wasn’t happy with any of the work I’d made as of yet, so over a period of a couple of days I decided to create a couple of new paintings for the show.

I then proceeded to have the most dramatic and over complicated framing experience ever.

I was signed on as the graphic designer for the show, and my first job was to create a poster in order to advertise the show around campus. I decided to use one of the paintings I’d completed for the show in the poster (after consulting everyone to make sure that was okay), and I’m pretty content with how it came out.

Midway show1

I also had to create a poster showing a small blurb which explained the point of the show. I experimented with a few different designs, but we ultimately decided to go with the design in the center.

Here you can see the fabulous designs in the flesh.

I also helped with setting up the show itself, hanging frames and name cards throughout the gallery, as well as setting up my own little display of my 30 day portraits.



I think the show was a great success! We had lots of visitors and lots of great art up on display. I think we have a fair few things to improve on for the final show, but on the whole it was a good time.


Power stance.



After taking the show down, August was spent discussing ideas for the end of year show. I worked with Sophie in creating a logo for the show, which we decided would be called FLUX.

The first design is a repaint of the image Marc provided, in order to make it higher resolution, and the second is one of my own design.

I also worked on multiple projects for Greg’s theory class, including a typography piece:


And two collages:

I also finished another painting for my end of year folio.

peony small