JEWERS, Elaine

I am a visual artist based in Coburg, Victoria. I have studied visual/fine art extensively in NSW and Victoria. I’ve returned to study Creative Product Development in order to take my work in a more salable direction. Predominantly a printmaker, I have an interest in textiles and fabric printing which will be the main focus of my practice this year.

I will also be undertaking some large and medium scale paintings as well as some large decor pieces for festivals.

The current evolution of my style has strong illustrative and graffiti undertones.

4th3 web

Progression From December 2016 – Present

This section includes samples of drawings i have been making over the past few months. Some o these will be developed into clothing, some will be painted and some will be used as decor in clubs and at festivals.

Life Drawing

I enjoyed the life drawing classes but would have preferred they went for the whole year. 

Home Studio Space

This is my all purpose studio at home. I will eventually have a separate drawing studio set up as well.

Tacit and Abbotsford Convent

It was an interesting excursion. I really liked the glass painting and some of the printmaking on display at TACIT

28 Things About Me 

Month long drawing project 15/2/17 – 14/3/17

David Hockney

Was not overly impressed with this exhibition. I did however, find some of the works interesting.


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