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Zanin is a Melbourne artist who often time-travels to the mid-century – a fantastical time where dreams were for sale, coined as “the golden age of magazine illustration”. Having a background in marketing for the performing arts; film and entertainment – in her imaginarium Zanin likes to explore ways that the canvas can become a performance space. Intrigued by the restive dynamic between people; and their objects, she wonders how behaviour shifts from when we are alone to when we know that we are the subject of the gaze.

An illustrator and typographer, Zanin draws and paints with all mediums, having recently discovered oil paints the juiciest of them all.

As a child and ever since, Zanin has always been intrigued by what is unsaid. She sees the canvas as a place for the unspoken to dance.

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Midway Exhibition A Space Gallery [27/07/2017]

Set up a moody space for our mid-year showcase of artwork. A great taste-tester for the end-of-year exhibition: balancing the logistical limitations and strengths of a gallery space; creating a narrative flow amongst different types of artwork and navigating the dynamics of teamwork. What a team!


Visiting Van Gogh exhibition [30/06/2017]

A beautiful friend’s birthday party at NGV Friday Nights Music to see Van Gogh exhibition. Initially, was apprehensive of visiting the exhibition as a party pitstop, but it worked out magnificently. Once we entered the exhibition, we all disbanded, lost each other for two hours, then regrouped in the Great Hall for more party. I love this man, Vincent. I read his letters to his brother Theo all the time: “I feel such a creative force in me: I am convinced that there will be a time when…I will make something good every day, on a regular basis… I am doing my very best to make every effort because I am longing so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things mean painstaking work, disappointment, and perseverance.” [Vincent Van Gogh]


The curators of the exhibition decided that the pièce de résistance, being Van Gogh’s self-portrait, would be the last painting displayed at the end of the exhibition layout trail. Good idea, maybe, except it was facing a large open space leading to the NGV Shop, so basically you are trying to enjoy some stillness with Vincent, and behind you is a cacophony of retail. Later that night, in bed, I was thinking about Vincent alone in the dark in the exhibition staring out at the NGV shop, remembering how poor he was, and what he had to do to get art supplies, and there he would be now staring out at his artwork printed onto tote bags and cushion covers thinking we were bloody crazy.


I bought this postcard from the NGV Shop because it reminded me of my teacher.flanders.jpgChromatopia exhibition [17/06/2017]

Ohhhhh, one of the best exhibitions I have ever been to in my whole life: ‘Chromatopia’ created by Master Paintmaker, David Coles of Langridge Artist Colours, held at Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery. An exhibition that time-travelled through the history of colour and the story of pigments. Amazeeeeng. I went to the Floor Talk hosted by ‘the pigment whisperer’ David Coles, but a gazillion people turned up and I couldn’t hear him.

chromatopia 2

My favourite colour Indigo

indigo 3

A surface to paint on [26/06/2017]

Loaded up on canvases for my exhibition in October. After traipsing around all the art shops, and heaps of online shopping research, went with Melbourne Artist Supplies. Idyllic price-point and quality for where I am positioned in the universe at the moment.


Melbourne Artist Supplies [24/06/2017]

Rockstar customer service at Melbourne Artist Supplies in Little Latrobe Street. So informative and helpful. I am going to shop there all the time, forever, from now on. Except when Riot Art have their outrageous 50% off sales, oh and when I am rich I will shop at ‘St Luke Art’ on Smith Street.

screenshot of MAS 2

Exhibition opening night. Purple velvet.

IMG20170601185926 vers 2 LR

Adding typographic zing to title cards that will accompany the artwork featured in ‘Mujeres y Vida’ exhibition at Lulu Café & Gallery’ in North Melbourne.

for blog 2

During the later part of her life, Kahlo searched for explanations in ancient texts for causes of her innate misfortune. A line from the ancient Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’, “I am the great god Nu, who gave birth unto himself,” resonated with her. She transcribed it in her diary as: “The one who gave birth to herself”.

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Frida’s LoveChild [oil on artboard; 54cm x 36cm]

frida's lovechild

Love oil paints. Love love.

mercury rising social media post HR

Have gone googly-eyed working on the folds of this dress. When I close my eyes, I still see the folds. Am flipping from Acrylics (peanut butter) to Oils (caramelised butter).

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My summer project: Limited edition prints for sale at Lulu Café & Gallery [archival print on cotton rag].

cafe shot