LAZZARO Mario (Mario_Art_Designs)

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Slim Shady…

Hello my name is Mario Lazzaro and my professionalism is Illustrator.

My work is based roughly around “Fan-Art” of characters of my interest from Movies, TV series, Cartoons and Video games & sometimes I design up artworks with my own characters.

My Creative Production Idea for this exciting course is creating my very own comic book based on my Chinese Zodiacs I did last year for Neil’s digital images class where I fashioned to be “Armoured Warriors”.

What I’ve done so far in the Production is designing the characters, I haven’t thought of the story yet because just feel the need to do the design first etc etc.


Designs in the characters is going well. So far I’ve finished work on the six female characters and slowly going through with the six male characters only three left to go then afterwards probably either draw these characters up with some action pose or design some background sceneries. My plan from when I’m done with all the design, write up a storyline and finally getting on with the Comic itself is with the characters I’m only going to only show a some of the characters as they’re on adventure the rest will have like a first few pages of introduction because I feel that if I plan having all the characters in one Comic it’ll just be to much for me, maybe I could have them all at once on the last few pages I don’t know time will tell….


Here is my personal brand I’ve for my teacher Mr. Con-artist. Pretty much recycled the idea of the brand logo I did in digital images class last year and made it better. Had this designed through Photoshop by just tracing over one of the photos of me doing that particular facial expression, added in some pens on my left side so everyone knows it’s an illustration brand and grabbed the font from Google Fonts because I know it fits really well with the image. I was originally going for “Slick Designs” because of my slick hairdo but alas I immediately searched over the web to see if it was already taken, sadly someone got to the idea before I could so I just went with “Mario_Art_Designs”…

My method on how I’m going do this comic is with tradition media such as graphite and pen & ink plus with some digital enhancement from Photoshop for adding either colour or just shades of grey like how it’s shown in actual Manga comics…


With the character design now completed I’ve moved onto landscape designing for background sceneries. Found numerous amounts of references images so I could design a few of my own that will fit well to the story. At the same to time while I’m drawing up landscapes I’m also writing up the story it self and some background information to characters and what’s the story about too.


My homage project that I’ve completed in drawing practice. We were assigned to research an artist of our own choosing and draw something with the same art style that they use. I choose the a manga artist who created graphic novels on my favourite video game series: The Legend of Zelda. My method of laying out the drawing is by gathering reference images and one of the fighting poses from my ’30 day drawing challenge’ for the character of my drawing. Materials I used to mimic the artists’s art style were pen/ink, grey tone brush markers and cartridge paper.


Finished my final assignment for drawings practice which was the ‘Self Direct’ project where we must draw up something that relates to our main projects. I’ve decided to do 3 drawings of my characters from my Comicbook in full on action poses in hopes to getting a clear idea on what my characters would look like in a proper design.

Unfortunately as I was finally drawing for the 3 characters in their action poses they didn’t come out as great as I hoped for, few of the proportions seemed off, rushed it a little bit and paired the price so I had to re-design the whole because I knew I’ll get the same outcome. What I did was draw all 3 in more dominant pose with a bit of background scene, even used bleedproof paper because I was using graphic markers for tone/colour and everything turned out ok.


The main project which is the Comicbook is coming along nicely. So far I’ve gotten through 5 pages already. I thought I’d finally start doing some tone on a couple of pages but immediately realised it’d be a bad idea so I plan to do it digitally through photoshop because it’s the best solution plus I could even type the narrative and dialogue as well.

At the same time I’m also writing the story as I’m drawing the comic because that’s have I’ve decided to the whole thing.

Semester Summary: 

So far this 1st semester has been great, can really complain. Made good progress on the main project even though I thought to myself that I wouldn’t get much done because I had other assignments from other classes to do but I managed to pull through. What was really helpful is that me, Phillip and Alex who’re doing comics also came together every Tuesday with Neil to show and tell our ideas and progress with our work, see if any of them needs some tweaking. Hopefully next semester will have the same outcome as this one did.

New Semester!!!:

25th July, 2017

Back from the mid year holidays and already getting right into things. Had a bit of a “art block” while I was on break so I couldn’t do much probably just needed to just take a break from everything art related, recharge my mojo a little.

First thing we’ve gotten straight into is the Midway Show for our Advanced diploma group where we show bit of our work from our main projects and some side projects from our other classes as well. We’ve all been allocated jobs to prepare the A space gallery which is where the show will be held. I got assigned to ‘setup’ which me & a few other people have clean and rearrange tables, chairs and glass casing before  everyone else starts putting up their work.



I’ve also got asked to put up posters about the Midway show throughout the ‘A’ building to give other students a little reminder that theres a show going on.

10th August, 2017


Here is my “Ugly Pretty” assignment for theory where we must do 9 pieces of artwork that fit in the same sort of category of your choosing in anyway you can just as long it fits the idea of “Ugly Pretty”. I chose to do cool looking Medieval helmets all banged up like they just been in combat even have a weapon going through it. my method into doing this was by first ruling out the centre of the page so I can draw the helmet there and just pen & ink it afterwards.

15th August, 2017


Managed to complete page 6 & 7. In these 2 pages they’re showing how the Zodiac Knights came to be. The difficult part with page 7 is trying to get all 12 knights in one panel but I still pulled through in the end.

18th August, 2017


In business class for Con we’re already discussing about the End Year Exhibition. Talking about where it’s gonna be located, choosing the name for the gallery, discussing what we should and shouldn’t do like how we did with last years exhibition and allocated jobs to people who signed up for what they want.


We all came to a vote for the name of the gallery: “FLUX”. One person designed the logo but with varies different colour combinations and we had to vote which one is the best out of all of them which was the one on the bottom right corner.


We’ve created our little timeline board so we can keep track of deadlines and whats happening when and what needs to be done before then.