DSC_0241Hello there, my name is Danny Maybir currently studying at Melbourne Polytechnic I am a self-taught indigenous Australian artist. I work with acrylic paint,canvas,and a tool that represent’s a stick. I focus mainly on my culture (Dream time/story telling) and I use my art as a healing process within myself as it helps me a lot within my spirit and who I am is represented in each painting. For the major projects I will be undertaking this year I will be creating learning cards/post cards/posters haven’t decided. That tells the meaning or what the symbol represents. I’m thinking of two or three series to complete. My second project  is a dot painting representing family, long life, wisdom, love in my self taught style. Hope you enjoy. Thank you Danny Maybir.

Examples of my finished workDSC_0219

DSC_0216Me in the studio



First completed set of three series                    set 1

Sketches I have done for life drawing bringing back skills that I haven’t used for a long time. This is giving me great ideas and old skills to incorporate in my indigenous art.




second set done in different format




process on my penguin cover had to get back into photo shop worked out well i think a little different to my culture art



started on designing my logo which i enjoyed doing plus getting feed back from class mates was great




started on my homage project for louise which was little tricky but i enjoyed the challenge i did it on a well known artist/elder. David Malangi Daymirringa love his style of art.

Example David Work




Example of my work in the same method as David uses on his pieces


Couple of pages from my diary that is coming a long



Hay guys well we are at the end of the semester i have finished on a great note work has been completed with in the guidelines. It was a quest put it that way lol but was great pushed me to wont to do more. Seeing the work my fellow students were producing is full on amazing stuff i loved it everyone is so different i enjoyed it very much. I have learnt so much off the teachers and students. I got to use things that i couldn’t afford i thought that i had completed my style didn’t think it could grow much more then what it was. After being surrounded by amazing artist and teachers they helped me grow even more. Thank you to my fellow students (artist) and to the amazing teachers i have learnt so much and a thank you to the koorie services. IT WAS DEADLY  Hope use enjoy my arts


Ok back from holidays over the holidays i worked on my main project for end of year.Still has a lot to be done on it but it is coming out better than expectedDSC_0032.

Had a mid year showing which was great first time that i have shown my work i really enjoyed it.


Me checking out the mid year gallery loved everyone’s work lot of different variety.


Ive been doing printing as well i will be turning my learning cards into a book which i cant wait to see finish product louise has been helping me a lot with it learning a lot about lino cutting and print making


Example of rough prints i have done.

This is the first lino cut that i have ever done pretty happy with this my sky father.DSC_0017