studioHumble Beginnings: Studio with mood board.

Hi my name is Seth. I am an art student here at Melbourne Polytechnic in Preston. I am also training as a Tattooist, slowly, and am a single full time dad.

I really enjoy the process of learning and the teachers here are amazing which is why I am back for a third year of study. I came here originally to improve my artistic skills to aid my training as a Tattooist and the improvement has been great. In the first 2 years I spent more time learning drawing and to paint with acrylic, oils and computer art but this year I am focussing primarily on Ink and watercolour painting – both which feel foreign to me so far.

I am inspired by line heavy work like stained glass windows, tarot cards and the 17th century Alchemical engravings. And naturally I have a love for Ink illustration and Tattoo art.

Papa Bones

Above is my First attempt with Ink that I did for my visual diary. The picture has lost some of the purple. I probably used way to much water as it took ages to dry and warped the paper a lot. controlling the ink is an interesting process.

Umbris Veridium

Similar again just with a little bit more detail.

Toad Friend

I did a toad! I didn’t think I liked them, but after doing one I think I am in love with them. Such distinctive creatures. The Ink continues to do surprising things. Darker than I thought it would be, lighter after drying than I thought it was or just spreading weirdly. Its a fascinating medium, and it will take a while to get to know well.


Ohh my out of focus tentacle. I love tentacles, but drawing them is a nightmare. After finishing it, my awesome class mate Micah showed me a zigzag patern that helps lay out the suction cups in a more convincing and dynamic manner. I’ll post a new one soon.


Crow Friend

I decided to pull my watercolor paints out and have a go with the black, on shit paper. I loosly followed a tattoo picture on my mood board, but I whipped this crow friend out in about half an hour which I was pretty happy with.

Like the ink, compared to acrylic and oils, it feels weird and new but I think I like it.

Our Lady of Roses

Started working on my ‘Our Lady of Roses’ ink piece.  My Aim is to have it easily convertible into a tattoo by the time it is finished.


Getting another student to model for it has proved very useful. Thanks classies!


I finally figured out what was bugging me, her neck was two inches across from where it should have been. Turning her body slightly more side on helped fix that. Im happier with the image now so time to paint.



Me looking bemused. Background going down.


The basic Idea for my Logo – Obsidian Serpent Designs. I like it!



An Image in water colour {background} and a first attempt at using pastel {figure} and I can see so many ways to improve it all next time.


Seth Triffid 1.jpeg

For a penguin book cover assignment. water colour and ink.

Seth McGorlick Penguin.jpg

And finished product. Im actually really happy with this one.



2 spider friends for part of a graphite series.