Hello there, my name is Phillip I was born in Sydney, Australia but have been living in Melbourne most of my life. From a young age, I have always been interested in a career in illustration or animation and growing up, I was hugely influenced by political cartoonist Mark Knight. I love Mark’s ideas and the way he would portray different characters through his work.

I have also been greatly influenced by comic books (Marvel and DC) due to the great use of colour and line. This is the direction of choice that I chooses to take, when creating my artworks.

The main mediums I love to work with are, graphite and coloured pencils, fine liner and acrylic paint. I also have a very strong interest in digital programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop because I believes it enhances my work even further.


Studio Space



Project Idea

My Project for this year, is to create a comic book based on myself and my dog. The plot of the story will be quite adventurous and hopefully thrilling for the reader. Within the story, I will reference a lot of things, me and my dog do together. I have been taking photo reference of my neighbourhood and the tracks me and my dog walk along, in order to get a better understanding of some of the scenes, that will featured in the comic. I have researched a lot of inspirational duos such as Wallace and Gromit, Scooby and Shaggy and Tintin and Snowy, in order to get some insight on how those comics were thought out and created.

My Dog Sammy



Word Count Update

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.16.02 AM.png

I have began to write my story/script for my comic book. It is final good to put my ideas into motion and bring the story to life. I noticed that once I start I enjoyed it so much that I forgot how much I had written an before i knew it I was on 500 plus words.


David Hockney Exhibition





Word Count Update

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.29.22 AM.png

Progress is good I have a lot of ideas for the story so I am constantly changing and tweaking in order to get it perfect.


Inspiration for the Penguin Book cover project


P.s Credit to Greg Neville for giving me these books from is collection thanks.

The Great Gatsby

I have chosen The Great Gatsby for my Penguin book cover project so I will need to recreate the cover using the same layout but with my own image describing the book.



Word Count Update

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.37.23 AM.png

As you can see I have made huge progress since the last update due to once again getting into a rhythm. Even though I get stuck on the story sometimes I will not stop until I have solved the problem and I am satisfied.


Sketch for the Penguin Book cover project

GreatGatsby.jpgI will scan this sketch into Adobe Illustrator and work on it further in order to get the result I am satisfied with.


Word Count Update

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.50.17 AM.png

This update is mainly tweaking the story and a little bit of progression.


Finished Penguin Book cover project


So for the finished book cover I just decided to image trace the drawing on illustrator and I also add a pearl earing as a final touch to make it that little bit more Gatsby.


Word Count Update

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 11.25.46 AM.png

Pushing along in the story and mainly trying to link important parts of the story in order for everything to make sense.


Ian Potter Museum




Just some of my favorite pieces of work from the Ian Potter Museum, especially the middle art work which I am very fond of the style and color choice.


Word Count Update

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.02.35 AM.png

3131 is the word count for my story I am at about the half way point and progressing well. The other remaining words are old content that I have kept just as I guide but have replaced.


Homage Project 


This is the inking stages of my homage project I decided to ink with a brush instead of using a fine linear in order to get a better finish.


Main Project Reference


Just stock piling references for the panels of my comic book. This is just one of the images that was taken while me and my dog went for a walk near my house.


 End Of Semester Statement 

So the end of semester has just kicked over and in regards to my main project I think I have made very good progress on my story/script due to being over 3000 plus words and has a very good flow to it. Next semester I would like to focus more on drawing the pages although I have almost completed page 1 and page 2 and 3 are in the works and progressing well.

In regards to other classes and there projects I was able to multi task all my projects together but I just found it extremely annoying when I had to stop progress with main project and complete projects unrelated to my main project, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like those projects that I did but I would just prefer to invest my time in works related to my main project so all in all I probably should have tried to make all my other class projects related to my main project.

So I am going to continue working over the holidays on my comic book and be set up and ready for semester 2.



The main job for July was to organise and set up the midway exhibition. The first thing that need to be done for the exhibition was advertising so we got Anna from the design team to create a poster for the mid-way show. Once the poster design was done and approved by the team each member of the exhibition choose how many pieces of work they were going to exhibit and then choose a spot in the A space gallery to display them. I choose to display 3 A3 artworks, two of the artworks were mounted in one frame because they were the same artwork but one was the pencil drawing and the other was a illustrator version. My other artwork that I am displaying is my homage of Roy Lichtenstein. I framed and mounted all of my own work for the exhibition and hanged them in my chosen spot in the gallery. All of the comic book artists in the group decide that we should all have our artworks displayed together in order to have a cohesive flow in the exhibition.







      I  decided to choose the political issue of gambling because it has been a problem in society for quite some time and is only getting worse in this day and age due to it being more accessible with the internet. Betting apps are also becoming a big market due to most of the population having phones and easy access to gambling apps that give you the power to bet at any time on just about every sport you could think of no matter the country.



First thing that needed to be done was to decide what we would call our end of year exhibition so in order to make it as fair as possible everyone was allowed to put an idea up on the board and then the group would get up individually and put a line near the names they liked. In the end, it was a close fight between two names INTREPID and FLUX but the minority choose FLUX.


Once the name FLUX was finalized it was up to the design team to begin creating ideas for the logo of FLUX and bringing them to the rest of the team to decide what logo design we should go with.








This exhibition that we went to with Greg’s class was probably my favorite of the year so far. The artist Stephen Ives takes a lot of inspiration for his work from artist’s such as Herge the creator of Tintin who I also look up to. Out of everything in the exhibition I was extremely fond of his sculpture’s which were well thought out and had a clever use of materials.



We got a very good turnout on opening night; the gallery was thriving with people and had an awesome atmosphere. I was very excited to show my artwork to my family and to the rest of the visitors of the gallery what I have been working on for the past year.


First I will discuss how the course was for me, the advanced diploma was a great experience for me I am happy I choose to take part , it was especially good because I got to focus on a project that I wanted to do which was my comic book. It was also very good to get expert advice from the teachers when needed but I did realize it isn’t always helpful to get to many opinions on things because it only confused me more, so I began to start trusting in my own decisions and just go with what I say and that was when the work began to flow and progress I believe.

All in all it has been a fabulous experience for me I will take a lot away from this course it has defiantly helped me gain a lot more confidants and belief in my artistic abilities and has put me in the right direction for my future aspirations.