•Micah-James Winter•

This will mostly be a visual update as I more constantly work in my book.
My project is to create a Grimoire, which is traditionally a collection of esoteric knowledge / spells / herbs etc for personal use. I find these very interesting and I love the aesthetics of the Arts&Crafts / Art Nouveau / Illuminated Manuscripts etc.. so I’ll be combining those styles to create a visually pleasing, esoteric art book focusing on design, astrology, palmistry, tarot, numerology, alchemy, herbology and occult symbology. 🤘☠️⚔️🗝

A floral design idea I had that I wanted to explore a little

Looking at the idea of a cipher for the texts, also starting to refine monogram for style sheet
More monogram studies aswell as a seperate monogram idea for a friends whiskey distillation business
Centered in black, the image I settled on as a simpler monogram
Early concepts for my monogram, which I will use for a logo
I was trying to make a decorative version on my monogram for a business card or a sticker.. not sure the circle behind the letters is really the best option though..
Started looking at book plates for an alternative to the decorative monogram.. there is a lot more room because it’s not a background to the text.
Sketch sketch sketch
This is a SUPER loose layout sketch for the grimoire.. just trying to start actually visualising a finished product
So sigil designs for different topics/chapters
Playing around with.. stuff.. colour? Sure.
This is unrelated but I wanted to actually sit down and draw something that I could spend a little more time on. It’s a cat. Imagine that.
This is the sketch I made for a shirt I was asked to draw for my friends in Indonesia
Annnnnd this is the final image (minus the text)

I’ve actually done quiet a lot of work in between this and my last post – I kinda forgot about the blog post aspect of the course..