SCOTT Gaelan

Week 1
My name is Gaelan Scott and I am studying the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development to explore and develop my personal style. I have experience in traditional visual medias but my preferred style is digital painting using Photoshop and SAI. Over the past few years of study my skills have improved steadily.


Weeks 2 and 3
Down with a sickness, couldn’t come to class.
Began the drawing-a-day assignment for Drawing class. Should be a good way to re-familiarise and experiment with my art. (Much needed after a time of low productivity and few personal projects.)

catttEarly picture for Drawing – Playing with gestural lines vs. shading and elegant/masculine form.


Weeks 4 and 5
The drawing-a-day assignment has been taking up most of my attention recently. I’ve been experimenting with different styles and ideas, but I’ve found it difficult reducing the images into more manageable timeframes. I’ve fallen behind a bit but I don’t mind, I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of my art a bit and putting more work than necessary into the images will help with that.

asgh2Pleasing results – This picture seemed to happen naturally and has a nice look. It feels like the right direction for my personal project.


The David Hockney Exhibition
Though I was away during the class excursion to the Hockney Exhibit I visited on my own time. It was interesting to see such a renowned artist’s first forays into digital art. Personally the works reminded me of typical beginner digital art and I found it difficult to decide how I felt about them. His skill in composition and colour definitely shone through but many of the works still felt like a bit of an eyesore for me.


Weeks 6 and 7
As expected I was a bit late in completing my drawing-a-day task for Drawing. I did enjoy taking the extra time to practice and experiment though.




April – Brand Identity

A task for business has been to focus on our identity as an artist. We were to develop a logo, and in my case an alias as well. The image I submitted was based on an alias that I have been using online for a while – Sonar Doll. However I’m not certain I like the alias or the designs I came up with. Since submitting it I have come up with something I like a lot more, however I’m still not certain. Below are both images.Gaelan Scott Logomammet


I’ve also been working on some concepts for my personal project. I would like to have a solid, continuous theme present in my print series and recent pictures have been reassuring of that goal.

a5 daily draws25flopzi preza5 daily draws31prints 4 diary3a5 daily draws16


May – Book Cover and Homage Tasks

For Greg’s class we were tasked with creating an illustration to match the original Penguin Book cover layout. I chose the story Watership Down. I aimed for simple, linocut look and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.00.25 PM


For Drawing we had been give the task of creating a work in homage to a chosen artist.
I chose James Jean. I am very much inspired by his work was excited at the chance to play with his style. In the end I was slightly disappointed with the outcome, namely because the paper I was working with did not allow much erasing before it started to deteriorate. I am used to drawing digitally these days and the inability to manipulate the image much was a struggle.


A photo of my small but cosy workstation set up for the homage task.

I also did a couple of images in a new style which I was pretty happy with. I may do a small series of images in a similar style to compliment my main personal project.



June – Narrative Task and personal project sketches for Drawing 

The final assignment due for Greg’s class was a narrative consisting of at least 3 panels. I came up with the loose story of a machine who lives in a post-apocalyptic-esk environment and hides from mysterious dark creatures. This is conveyed in the first panel. The second shows the machine having been discovered by the monsters and running from them. The third panel shows the machine stripped away by the creatures to reveal a living being inside. The environment and the creatures are shown in a new light, to suggest the machine had put a filter on reality. The final images could of done with more time put into them, but I was still happy with them in the end.

Narrative panel1Narrative panel2Narrative panel3
For Drawing the last task for the semester was to propose our own project directed towards developing our personal project. The task required that we work in traditional mediums and as my personal project is solely digital I chose to create a body of concept sketches and designs to use for final works. Unfortunately I didn’t think to photograph all of the sketches before submitting, but below are a couple of them.



Term 3

The first two weeks of term I spent finalising some images for the Midway Show. The images still felt a bit rough and experimental but in the end I was content with them.


The show went well and it made FLUX feel more approachable.



From weeks 2 to 6 I worked on the typology task for Theory. The process was a boost to my confidence despite loosing a couple pictures along the way.

9 homes

My theme was “homes”, specifically steam-punk style homes set in the world of a graphic novel concept I’ve been toying with for a few years.

Collage – No Way Out


The next task was due the week after handing in my typology. I got to work on this collage, it’s purpose to serve as an illustration for a political article with the theme “no way out”.

I wanted to explore my thoughts about consumerism and the oppressive effects it might have on one’s identity.

The final image looked pretty good. I feel it’s a sort of lament for those who struggle to find themselves in a society that can feel very objectifying.


Artist Talk

My stint of doing very little but working on Theory projects continued into week 6 and 7 with my next assignment, a 10+ minute slideshow and talk about my whole art practice. It was challenging but also refreshing. Reviewing my art and making a constructive presentation about it made me feel more certain of my direction. People seemed pretty interested when I gave my talk and all the feedback was positive. It was a heartening experience all round.

In this image I’m showing how my digital paintings progress from sketch to final image.

The Blood Exhibition

At the start of week 8 I visited a exhibition being held at Melbourne University. It was a collaboration between the arts and science students that explored the stigma and strong emotions surrounding blood. It also had a educational side to it. My favourite installation was a set of virtual reality goggles which placed you inside the arteries. It allowed you to move around and explore, and ultimately bear witness to a blood clot causing a pulmonary embolism.

The screen gives a 2d representation of what the user experiences in 3d.

Hokusai exhibition

On the last Thursday of term I visited the NGV with my class. Hokusai’s work has been hugely influential in contemporary art and illustration. One of my favourite artists, James Jean, takes a lot of inspiration from Hokusai’s style. I found the work beautiful but couldn’t help feeling some of the subtlety was lost on me.

Nice plain display, letting focus be drawn to the details



Term 4

I missed the first week of Term 4. I had booked flights a couple months before without knowing about the strange holiday format. The last two weeks of holidays back in Melbourne I spent working on my personal project. I started one image that I didn’t end up using. It’s not quite right but still has merit…Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 4.43.35 PM

I have finally decided it would be a good idea to use reference more. It saves me a lot of time and I’m learning to use it more as a loose guide rather than mimicking it and feeling constrained. The above image is a good example of an unsuccesful free-hand figure and  how much time and energy get spent going around in circles when there’s just too many connected problems with the anatomy, pose, perspective and and foreshortening.

That’s the last image that will be posted, we’re out of space.


The Fundraiser

The fundraiser went well. I got in early and helped with the set-up. The day went by pretty fast and I was soon helping pack everything back up again. We ended up making about $800 profit.

[photo of business gettin done]


My Role for November

I volunteered to be in charge of the pop-up shop. This meant finding plastic sleeves and backing boards. I could of bought them online but they only came in bulk and were going to cost around $80 for each size I got. I was keeping modest expectations of how much money we’d make. It wasn’t exactly easy but i managed to chase up all the stuff we needed for less than a quarter of the price.
I also made an effort to keep people in the loop about the pop-up shop. Con suggested I designate a set price to each sized prints, so I decided it would be $5 for A5, $10 for A4 and $15 for A3.


Completing My Images

The week prior to the bump in was an intense one. I got very little sleep as it dawned on me how much work I wanted to put into my paintings, and how unpracticed I’d become at finalising works to such a high standard. Creating complete personal works again was actually a steep learning curve, with a lot of experimentation and backtracking. My art has definitely developed and changed a lot in the past three years, so it felt like unprecedented territory for me.

I didn’t end up managing to complete my paintings till the morning after the bump in.
I feel I kept everything well under control, I just had to allow more time for the work to get to a point where I knew I could be proud of.

[picture of glorious final images]


The Bump In

[tasteful photo capturing the action]

I headed into TAFE feeling a bit defeated, having stayed up for days without achieving my goal of being ready for the bump in. But it actually turned out to be a pretty productive day. I got my hands on the rest of the pop-up shop materials I needed. I also bought 4 frames so that I could hang them up and get my space ready to go.

[average space filler photo]

[token photo of me helping with group task]

The day after the bump in I got up early and spent half a day finalising my paintings. Then I caught an Uber to Coburg Officeworks and delivered the files for print. Can’t remember the second half of that day, but I woke up on the morning of the opening feeling refreshed. I headed back to Officeworks to pick up my babies and get a small range of A4 prints done for the pop-up shop – all 4 of my major prints and some special extra ones.


[pictures of the extra prints to add some variation from activity report]

I made it to campus a good few hours before the opening time. I got my finished prints into their frames, sleeved all my little prints and all was well.



The Opening Night

The opening night went great. The stress was lifting from the students and there was a great positive vibe overall. The exhibition space looked awesome and everyone I’ve talked to since has been impressed by the amount of great talent on display.

[photo of crowded gallery]

I started the night manning the pop-up shop. It was a nice time, everyone was friendly and there was plenty of interesting conversations to be had. We made a fair profit in the end. I made $100 and Anna made something similar. Danny made a few hundred selling his limited prints. Isabelle sold a good amount too.

[photo of me cutting deals at the pop-up shop]

Zanin gave a lovely speech, voicing some of the great things about our course experience that would of gone unspoken otherwise.

[photo of Zanin doing good]

The night was over too soon, but just as well because I was only just managing to focus on the constant conversations by the end. The big sleep I got the night before was hardly enough to get me through the day. I’ve done all-nighters in the past to get pictures done, but I’d never done a four-nighter before. Woops.


We ended off the year with a get together at a cafe called Lux. It was a nice way to relax together and part ways stress free. A few of us went for a walk to a nearby gallery where I bought an inspiring art book with some of my print money. There was a great little print and zine store right next door. Going in made me realise that my art is about at the level where it wouldn’t look out of place in a nifty print store.

Looking back on Term 4

I enjoyed the last term. All the looming work was finally getting sorted out and I managed to avoid getting too stressed. Thankfully there weren’t too many assignments to deal with. One even got scrapped, to my relief. My main task of organising the pop-up shop went great and the art I created was inspiring and well received. I grew closer to many of my classmates and it’s sad to be parting ways. I am thinking about organising future meet ups, I think most of us would like a chance to keep up with each other